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15 Jul 2015

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Pet Friendly HomesSo, now you've got a furry or feathery friend as your companion and have become a proud pet parent. Congratulations! Pets not only shower us with unlimited love but also heal and support us in ways that are only known to them. A happy tail wag, chirpy welcome and soft meowing are few the many ways that our pets remind us each day, how much they love and adore us. 

As a pet parent it is important that you spend time bonding with you animal companion. Whether you are a pet parent of a dog, a cat or a bird- you need to pet proof your home. Animals are curious by nature and love to explore their surroundings. There could be hundreds of things in your home that could injure or be dangerous for your pet friend. 

But there is good news- it isn't very difficult to make your home a pet friendly home. Few tweaks here and there and voila- you have a pet friendly home that your pet companion will absolutely love! We have listed out few do's and don'ts for you to follow- 



   - Kitchen: Food is that magic potion which attracts loads of tail wagging, purring and tweeting! Ensure you keep stuff like coffee, raisins, grapes, garlic, chocolate, hot utensils etc, out of reach from your furry friends. 

   - Bathroom: If you have a new pup, be extra cautious- they have a tendency to sniff and lick whatever might come their way! Keep chemical bleach, toothpastes, mouth wash etc, in safe cabinets. Remember to keep the toilet lid closed at all times and please drop your soiled socks in the wash bin. 

   - Bedroom: Keep your shoes and socks safely locked in the cupboards. Pups have the habit of chewing on them and you might find your kitten cosily snuggled inside it! Also, remember to keep clips, safety pins and hair bands in drawers. 

   - Outdoors: There is nothing like the outdoors- new smell, loads of dry leaves to pounce on, 100's of new people to charm with a cute tail wag! Ensure you always take your pet on a leash and be extra cautious of what they sniff and lick. Also, always keep fresh water handy for your little ball of fur to gobble after a long day of looking cute on a leash! 



   - Doggie Doors: This is an old trick in the book, but it works like magic. Especially if your pets (dogs/cats) get a little anxious indoors. Ensure that the doggie door opens to a fenced backyard or garden with no direct access to the main road.

   - Built-in Cat Runs: Cats love to spend time outdoors. Let your busy schedule not leave your cuddly ball of fur longing to venture outside. A built-in-cat run will be a perfect gift for your kitty. This will allow her/him to lounge in the outdoors, without you worrying about her/him. 

   - Water Fountain: It is always cool to have a water feature in your garden or backyard. Let it also double as a place where your animal buddy could quench his or her thirst. A self-circulating filtration system will be the perfect buy!

   - Artificial grass: If you do not enjoy an easy access to the garden area, then you can transform one of your balconies into an artificial garden. An artificial grass bed not only looks aesthetically appealing, but will also be a great place for your furry friends to play and enjoy. 


Hope, these tips come in handy. Happy pet parenting!

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