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Homes In Kharadi - Further Than The Ordinary

15 Oct 2015

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Homes In Kharadi - Further Than The OrdinaryIt seems that people are embracing a strange habit to settle for the ordinary, especially, with the kind of lifestyle they're living today. 


Despite of having  a vast number of working professionals from major companies, some individuals still happen to invest in ordinary homes. 


While real-estate prices appear to be touching the sky, it is sure that people are hardly left with many choices.


However, the fact that purchasing a home or investing in a property is a decision of a lifetime, it is significant to take the right step and opt for only the best. The excuses can be plenty, one of them is a plane misconception that the best is always beyond reach and probably quite expensive. Or, perhaps they are so weary from scouting the right property that, they give up after a certain point and give in to purchasing a home over a few good points.


Nevertheless, there are a few projects in cities which not only cover a few good points but provides a place where life and comfort await at every corner. One such Project is Ganga Platino in Kharadi


Manish, who works for a reputed industry,  when began looking for new luxurious apartments in Kharadi Pune, he came across this prestigious Goel Ganga Project from a close kindred he trusts. After one site visit to Platino, he was left entirely overwhelmed by the exquisite designs and quality of construction put into making the magnificent structure


Crafted with fineness and surrounded with nature's pure bliss these homes are way beyond the conventional homes but perfect for what every individual deserves. They are decked with features like Yoga Lawn, Clubhouse with Lawn, Water Curtain, Play Ground and many more striking amenities. Strategically placed in one of the best locations in Pune, Platino is also well connected to the city and enclosed with reputed landmarks. 


You're search for a dream home in Pune would be would be unfinished. Without a visit to Ganga Platino, especially, If you are looking for a residential project that, reflects the true charm and spirit of Pune.


So quit waiting and take a site visit today!

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