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Destination Baner!

29 Sep 2015

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Residential Projects In Pune | Ganga Acropolis | New Projects In BanerOne of the prime reasons for buying property is the kind of investment potential real estate sector offers. But, from the investors' perspective, is it a wise decision to invest in the developed areas where the property cost is soaring high? 


Let's take an example of Baner, and find out why investing in Baner is a good idea


1. Highly Developed neighborhood: Baner is one of the most developed localities of Pune. The kind of growth it has seen in the last decade is astounding to say the least. Investing in residential property in Baner, Pune will always be advisable as the property value will only keep surging upwards, and property in such affluent space will always fetch a good ROI.


2. Luxury at affordable cost: Though the real estate value in Baner is at par with the rest of the developed localities of Pune, it is not as exorbitant as Viman Nagar and Boat Club Road. Baner, in that regard, becomes a viable option for those who want hi-end amenities at relatively lower cost.


3. Proximity to significant localities: Baner is geographically blessed. The Pune-Bangalore highway lies in its close vicinity, and the Pune-Mumbai Express Highway is also easily accessible. Hinjewadi IT Park, Aundh and various IT companies in Baner are in the close radius of Baner-Sus road, making it an ideal residential locality for the employees of the respective companies.


4. Qualitative Growth: Baner has been a top destination for the major developers in Pune. Their work in last 5-7 years has dotted the area with numerous iconic high-rise developments. Baner is rated quite high in terms of construction quality and innovative designs. Goel Ganga's Ganga Acropolis stands as a prime example. Studded with all the modern amenities, Ganga Acropolis is the brightest gem of all the new projects on Baner-Sus road.


5. Connectivity: Set on the edge of Pune-Bangalore Highway, Baner, and the entire belt of Balewadi-Baner, has a pretty sound infrastructure. The roads are good, transport facilities are in abundance. As the area is primarily populated by the workforce of the nearby IT companies, the daily work-home commute is extremely smooth for IT professionals. Hence, Baner is their preferred location

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