Amenities vs Convenience

31 Jul 2015

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Amenities vs Convenience | Goel Ganga DevelopmentsBombarded with these over-used words, I was sitting confused by my window. Wondering about what is the actual difference between Amenities and Convenience, I decided to get clicking. As I browsed through the net, I came across the basic definition of the two. Amenities are a desirable feature or a useful feature while convenience is the state of being able to proceed with something without difficulty. 


Well, when used in the context of real estate, both the words exhibit a fine line of difference. As the amenities were a feature conducive to attractiveness and value, convenience gave freedom from discomfort. For example, a large car park, elevator, a shower, location fell into the category of convenience while the covered parking, landscaped garden, branded sanitary ware fittings fell under amenities.


My curiousness didn’t stop there. I could feel that this was just the tip of the iceberg, and a more detailed meaning lay ahead. On further exploration, I discovered that amenities could be further categorised into premium, standard and value for money. Of course, this made sense as every level had to be covered, right? A part of me was glad that every vertical was covered and modern day homes didn’t ignore any sector. 


Also, with the increased competition, each and every builder offered distinct amenities. Taking the premium segment into consideration, the amenities offered are a personal pool, elevators opening right into the homes, home concierge, tele-medicine, along with outdoor amenities like mini golf courses, squash courts, indoor badminton courts, basketball courts, tennis courts, steam rooms, saunas, Jacuzzis and interior designing assistance. As I read this list, I couldn’t help but marvel at how far we’ve managed to come and how truly comfortable lives have become! 


The standard amenities weren’t any less either! They included a club house, swimming pool, garden, vitrified tiles, false ceiling whilst the value for money amenities include children's play area, party lawn specifically those amenities that are a basic necessity these days.


On this journey of discovery, let's not forget about the conveniences! They could be categorised with regard to the type of location i.e. Suburban, City, Greenbelt, Golf Course or Gated Community, a bigger parking, large landscaped area, the size of the apartment.


We are familiar with both the terms but can hardly differentiate between them and neither can we live without them. The difference lies in the way we perceive each.


To me, amenities impart materialistic comfort while the conveniences look after mental comfort. To some, one may be more important than the other, and it’s probably a never-ending debate. 


What do you think?

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